Zipping Around the World: A Social Studies Project Where the Sky’s the Limit!

In this Geography/Social Studies activity, students “win” a free trip to any destination in the world! In order to claim their prize, they must provide a detailed geographical assessment of their dream vacation locale!

Each student chooses a different location around the world and provides a detailed analysis of the location’s climate, landforms, vegetation, and other features and compares them to their own home. When students return from their “trip”, they are to bring in their suitcase and provide the class with information about their vacations. Since no two students are allowed to visit the same destination, this ensures that projects and presentations are interesting and fresh. This activity is classroom tested! My students and I had a great time during this unit and they all said that it was lots of fun!

A great lesson to learn about different places in the world in a fun and unique way!

The following items are included in this package:
-Student winning ticket
-Student project information sheets
-Student organization worksheet
-Student sign-up sheet
-Teacher marking scheme (to be shared with students)
-Self– and peer–assessment sheets

Just click on the image below!


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