Words to Live by Wednesdays: ‘Whenever you feel like giving up…’


As teachers, we try our best to encourage our students to set goals. As teachers, we have high hopes and set great expectations for our students. As teachers we work hard with our students and encourage them daily to ensure that we are doing what we can to support their individual goals because….as teachers, we want to see our students achieve their goals and to be happy about it! Ofcourse, some goals are harder to attain then others, regardless of what we do to try and help. For some goals, students have to work on it independently. With that, there are times where students, and even us sometimes, just want to give up and let go of our goals. This is the time where we, as teachers, need to step in and encourage our students to understand that it is at that exact point, when they feel like giving up, when they need to remind themselves why they set that goal in the first place. Click on todays ‘Words to Live by’ down below, print and post in your classroom. Encourage your students reflection and come back and share with us! We would love to hear what they have to say…and you too!


If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely read our article on TeachHUB.com, where we provide you with a lesson plan and student worksheets to help them choose a goal and then develop an action plan in order to achieve it!

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