Words to Live by Wednesdays: What you do today…

We are always trying to further encourage our students –  More and more so now, as we are nearing the end of the school year. It always seems as though it gets harder and harder at this time of year, to keep our students engaged and motivated. It is at this particular point in time, that we need to find ways to keep them interested and on task. There are many ways to do this. Anywhere from creating different and new ways to deliver a lesson, organizing interesting ways to complete assignments or presentations and sometimes, even through our words. Words are powerful and can definitely make a difference. We need to choose them wisely, especially at this time! For our older students, what we say means something…. it helps them think, reflect and act upon.

Today, we have created a poster that will help you do just that. Put it up in your class…and keep it up! Find more to put up! One thing I found that really helped with the intermediates, is having quote of the day! At this time of year, it is more important then ever to find the right ones!


Stay tunes for our ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays!’


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