Words to Live by Wednesdays – ‘The Gifts of Time and Love…’

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It’s not about the gifts we give and get that have been bought in stores or purchased online or have a cash value. Christmas is more then this – it is more then all of this put together! Two of the greatest gifts of Christmas is Time and Love. The time we get to spend with family – sharing memories, having great conversations, playing traditional games, sharing traditional foods, enjoying each others company. The love we share and exchange with both family and friends through the time we spend with them is irreplaceable. It works beyond what we can buy, give or get. We are lucky to have people in our lives whom we love and care for and whom love and care for us. This is what we need to focus on, this is where we need to devote our time. Family is the greatest gift of all and all it needs is time and love.

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