Words to Live by Wednesdays: First Day of Spring

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Yes…indeed, it is the FIRST day of Spring today. It definitely may not seem as so, nor does it look as though it is. It’s snowing out there, it’s freezing cold, and the winds just simply do not remind us of the spring. It’s somewhere out there…it IS coming! For all of you today, here is a subway art poster with great spring colors to remind you of the Spring and to let you know that although it’s cold, spring is near. Think happy colors, think warmer weather, think sunshine! As Easter is coming up, and spring that has now arrived, we are all thinking of some activities to do with our students. Whether it be Jk or gr.8 or somewhere in between, there are tons of ideas out there. You may have already tried a few that you will want to revisit this year with your class but how about trying something new? Since subway art is so popular, and is simply everywhere, I thought maybe creating it as an activity would be a good idea. I was looking through some sites and blogs, only to come across a variety that can be printed for FREE! Down below I have attached one for you that will bring you drectly to the site where you can click and print. I have printed a few to bring into my class to show them as an example. In turn, I think it would be fun to have the students create their own. You may want to start with brainstorming some great descriptive words for both Easter and Spring (especially for the younger students), show them some examples using different colors, fonts, styles and designs…then send them on their way to create their own interesting, unique and fun subway art posters! Have fun!


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