Words to Live by Wednesdays – “Far from what I once was…”

words to live by

Wow! Yes…it has been a long time. If you have read our most current post, we have been busy at work! But, today I bring to you: Words to Live by Wednesdays! Let’s get back on a roll here!

Today’s quote fits this time of year as many students now feel that they have advanced in many ways, both academically, socially, mentally, emotionally, etc. However, although they feel different, further ahead, more mature….they are also feeling as though there is so much ahead. We are now at that time of year, the crunch time. Everything is due, there are tests, assignments, presenations and more. Some students still have the motivation and are still handing in their best; whereas, others are starting to feel the weight. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a time of mixed feelings…a time of reflection. Students are feeling further ahead then where they started back in September, yet there is so much more ahead. Between finishing the school year and planning for the new school year, students are feeling the whole ‘ happy where they are but not yet where they want to be’!  Actually, many of us teachers feel that way too!

Print our quote and post it in your classroom. It’s the perfect time it up, reflect on it, discuss it and more!

We will be back next week for ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’!

far from what i once was


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