Words to Live by Wednesdays : Christmas is a time…

It always seems so easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas – the reason why we celebrate it. Between the big hype around Santa and presents and exchanging gifts and worrying about what to get this person and that, or writing a list of what we want, she wants, he wants…we simply forget. It is important that we continue to remind ourselves, as well as, our students that there is a reason why we celebrate Christmas, that it’s not about Santa and gifts and needs and wants and lists. Today, let’s begin with a quote that is short and simple….let’s begin with family….with friends…with being together and sharing traditions. Share this quote of the day with your students, and in turn, have them reflect and explain to you what this means to them and how important it is to them.

Check back with us next week for our ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’.

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