Words to Live By Wednesday : ‘What is right is not always popular’


A great quote to share with you this week from Albert Einstein: ‘What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right’. Many of our students, including us adults, can surely connect to this quote. We try to teach our students and continue to remind ourselves that we need to think about what is right for us, what is right for others and plain and simple, what is right in that particular moment and that specific situation. However, it is so easy to fall back and steer in other directions, as we tend to consider what others would do and whether it is different from what we would do. More often then not, we do things because that is what others want us to do, or would do themselves. For our young students, for example, although they know and have been taught that letting a teacher or an adult know if or when someone is being hurt or bullied or disrepected is the right thing to do, they also know (and more importantly) that this may not be deemed the ‘right’ thing to do by their friends. This is just one of many examples. We have a lot of students gearing away from doing the right thing because it is not seen as the ‘right’ thing to do by their peers. We have to focus in on this closely and continue to model for our students that the right thing to do is always what we, ourselves, feel is right and not what we think others may think is right or what others will think if we choose the right thing to do. We need to remind our students that what is popular is what they feel is right! Share this with your students, invite discussion and encourage self reflection!


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