Word Wall Fun Pack ~ Science

We know to create word walls for our language program.  It really doesn’t matter if you are teaching primary, junior or intermediate students.  There is always a need to develop their vocabulary.  But word walls don’t just aid in the development of vocabulary.  They help students focus on specific terms that correlate to what they are learning.  Therefore, making deeper connections and developing that bridge to learning.  Utilizing word walls, allows us to engage our students and guides them when they are working independently.  So then why not do this for all subjects?  If it works in our language programs, then why should it not work in our other subjects we teach?

We have created this pack to focus in on Science terminology that students develop over the years.  This pack includes 22 pages of science related words ready for you to use.

What can you do with these?  The answer is simple!  Just as you would in a language class, create a year round word wall, engage in interactive activities, write descriptive sentences, incorporate them in their scientific justifications and journals.  Essentially, use them for all instances in your classroom!


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