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Educators and Students

This is a great interactive site providing detailed information for teachers, as well as, activities and games for students to engage in, encouraging daily activity and fitness such as ‘Energy Engine: Eat well and stay active’. Check it out!


Teaching ideas is a site for teachers teaching physical education at the elementary level. This site includes different warm up and cool down ideas. It also contains links to other great sites!

Teachertube is a great site for all educators, providing a number of interesting videos that may be useful in the classroom.

Teaching and discussing sexual health issues with young students can be difficult for some, yet very important. This site is great in that it provides a detailed amount of information that will further guide you in creating critical and engaging lessons for your students. It is also an informative site that students themselves can use, as well as, parents.

On this site, you will find a variety of team building games, sport games and physical education lesson plans.

Teaching physical education can definitely be fun as you can take it in so many different directions. This site is useful in helping you create interesting and engaging programs for your students.

As a physical education teacher and even classroom teacher who teachers physical education, we are always looking for new ideas and resources. This site provides a variety of activities to help keep your students engaged and active.

gif_Education-160-bwEducators, Students and Parents

This is a fantastic interactive site for parents, kids, teens and educators. There are so many fresh ideas for preschool through to grade 12. It includes teacher’s guides, elementary exercise, quizzes, movies and more.




This site is great for kids and teens to explore as it discusses healthy eating habits.

This site offers a variety of activities for both kids and teens in the realm of daily nutrition.

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