Transition Times ~ Addition Question Pack

 Interruptions are always occurring but there are ways to manage them. With Day Plan Schedules, Essential Teacher Binders packs, and strategies that we as teachers already have in place, we organize and prepare the best we can.  Another component of being prepared and organized is to mitigate those transition times.  Having students settle and re-focus is the challenge all of the time.  Think of when they come in from recess, they are still laughing, worked up, excited and definitely not focused on the next lesson.  I find that having transition activities prepared for them quickly grabs their attention and settles them down.  I usually set quick question packages up at the beginning of the year and include them as part of my incentives to students.  For example, complete the page in its entirety within 1 minute they receive 3 stars, 2 minutes = 2 stars and 3 minutes = 1 star.  After the 3 minutes I don’t distribute stars.  At the end of the week, the students with the most stars receive a reward.  This could vary depending on age, but I find that even intermediate students love school stationary supplies, trinkets, and free time!  I have two packages set up for you already and more are coming. Click on the picture to access todays package, or here for the previously posted package. The packets are detailed, clear and they have answer keys too.  Don’t forget to follow us, as more packets, great resources and products are coming soon!



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