The Tuesday 12: 12 Super Fun Play Day Activities Your Students Will Love!

12 play day activities

With the end of the year quickly approaching we are all wrapping up our lessons, getting our last round of reports prepared and then we have the great event of Play Day.  You are spent, but know that many of your students, if not all of them, are anticipating this fun, wild and crazy day. We all want the day to go off without a hitch but that needs planning, lots and lots of planning.  So here goes, we at TeachingRocks!  are here to help.  Today’s Tuesday 12 is a list of games that can be used to make your planning a little easier.  We wish you all the best on your day of fun.

Ping Pong Ball Blow
Set up two track with boards or use chalk to draw a track on pavement.  The width of the tracks could be at most 12” apart.  Decide the length of the track, this is at your discretion.  The task: you have 2 teams that will participate in the relay. Object is to move the ping pong ball using the breath from the straw to push it along the track staying within the guidelines.  Each team member must participate, they each must do the length of the track and back.  If the ball goes outside the guidelines, then the player must start over from beginning.  First team to have all team members complete task win.

M&M Vacuum Race
In this task you will need a table, plates, straws and M&Ms!  Put M&Ms in one plate and each team member needs to transfer 5 of them to the other plate using only a straw as a “vacuum”. First player to do so wins a point for their team.  Each team member takes a turn, team with most points wins.  Ensure the straw opening is smaller than the M&Ms to avoid choking hazards.

Ping Pong Jump Shake
This game is quite comical.  You will need 8 ping pong balls (4 of one colour & 4 of another) and an empty tissue boxes that can be strapped around the waist of the player (cut a slit on either side of the box and string through ribbon long enough for all sizes).  Fill the boxes with 4 ping pong balls each, and strap the box on the players waist but on the back.  When you say go, the players are to jump around and shake to get the balls to come out of the tissue box.  Each player has 30 seconds, and each team gets a point for each ball that is out of the box.  Each new player gets to start with 4 ping pong balls. The team with the most points wins!

Target Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe
If you have the material then create a 9×9 square board, where each box can fit a frisbee.  If not you can use chalk or tape to mark out the grid.  You will also require 10 frisbees (5 of one colour and 5 of another).  This game is the basic game of tic tac toe, but instead of placing their move into the square, players need to attempt to “frisbee throw” it into place.  Each team member throws the frisbee, first team to make three in a row wins! If throws go outside the grid, then that is that players turn.

Chicken Run
Each team assembles in a straight line. The first person in each line is given a rubber chicken. The chicken is then passed to each subsequent person in line using the over the head, under the legs pattern. The last person in each line is to run the who ken back to it’s roost at the front of the line. The first team to finish wins!

Frogs in the Pond
A small inflatable pool is placed in the centre of the two teams and filled with a few inches of water to simulate the pond.  Each team is given 20 frogs (plastic balls of one colour per team) and stands 10 m away from the pond. When the whistle blows, each team takes turns tossing the balls into the pond. The team with the most frogs in the pond wins!

Three-Legged Race
An oldie, but a goodie! Each team partners off it’s members. Each pair ties up a leg to one another and gets ready to race!

Hula Hoop Marathon
For this activity, each team needs a hula hoop.  When the music starts (choose a really fun and upbeat song), one person from each team begins to hula hoop.  The person who makes it the longest wins!

 Pizza Box Race

For this game, start with two teams of 10 students each. Each team needs 10 empty pizza boxes.  Two students from each team will run with the pizza box in their hands, to the finish line and stack them. They will do so one pizza box at a time for the first run and then two at a time, three, than four. The tricky part is (and here comes the collaboration from team members) is to make sure there are four hands on the box(es) at all times. Once students have carried over all 10 boxes to the finish line, the team will quickly choose two team members to bring back all 10 boxes at once, as fast as they can. The fastest team wins!

Parachute game

This is a fun one for all ages. Starting from the little ones and working your way up, changing it up each time with the type of rubber balls, to the size and number. Begin with one small rubber ball and see how long the team can keep it going. Gradually toss one more at a time and see how long they can do it for with each added ball. It really all depends on the team, age and group size. This is a fun game for all ages!

Sponge and Bucket Races

To start this game, you need buckets, sponges and yes indeed, water! If working with two teams, set up two empty buckets one ends and two buckets filled with water on the other end.  Students from each team must line up between a full bucket and an empty bucket. The first person in line is to place their sponge in the water, and pass it over their head to the next person. Each person is to continue to pass it over their heads until the last person in line gets it. The last person in line is to wring it out in the empty bucket, run as fast as they can to the front of the line and repeats the process again. After five minutes, whichever team has the most water in their bucket, wins!

Four Square

You have to play this game on a square, further divided into 4 smaller squares which are to be numbered 1-4. You can create this square using with chalk, tape or removable spray paint, depending on where you plan to create it.   One student is to stand in each of the four squares, with the highest ranked student in number one, lowest in
number four. Student in number 1 is to the bounce the ball among the players, bouncing once in the other
student’s square before that person catches it. countless additional rules to choose from. You can only play with 4 people at a time, abd you can choose when or how to rotate students so that all students have a chance to play. Set them up in teams to create more fun and have two from each team play together!

…And there you have it! A fantastic list of 12 fun activities your students will love not only on play day but any day! Let us know if you have tried any of these or if you do try any of them, what your experience with it is!

Check back with us next week for ‘The Tuesday 12’!

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