The Tuesday 12: 12 Outstanding Outdoor Winter Activities for Your Students!

Brrrr! It’s cold and snowy here…how is it in your area?  Even though it would be nice to remain all warm and toasty indoors, now is the perfect time to get your students outside in the cold, crisp air for some frosty winter activities!  Be properly dressed is essential—warm winter jackets, boots, gloves, hats, scarves, and snow/ski pants are imperative!  If it is especially sunny, a pair of sunglasses really help out too.

12 outdoor winter activities 1. Make bird feeders.  There are so many winter birds in this area and it would be a great idea to provide them with a much needed meal!  Use pine cones, seeds, peanut butter, nuts, dried out gourds, hollowed out oranges, popcorn, dried cranberries, and string to create bird feeders.  Sit quietly with your binoculars to view and identify your feathered friends.

2. Snow sculptures…how creative can your students get?  Younger students can work on building a snowman, while older students can be creative and make more elaborate scultpures.  Instead of sandcastles, how about snow castles?

3. Play capture the flag, flag football, or soccer in the snow.  Students will have tons of fun running around and sliding into the snow!

4. Go on a nature walk!  In the famous words of Robert Frost, “the woods are lovely, dark, and deep”…a winter nature walk will help students experience the beauty and tranquility of

5. Geocaching or scavenger hunt.  Hide “treasures” in the snow and give students a map to find the location.  Either go high tech with GPS geocaching or stay classic with a compass and a map!

6. Art with food colouring…fill up water bottles with food colouring.  Top them with either a spray or squirt nozzle and have students use the snow as their canvas!

7. Go skating! We usually go to our local, indoor rink, but try to visit outdoor skating rinks for a picturesque skating experience!

8. Visit an outdoor education center…there are so many in and around Toronto that have excellent outdoor education programs.  Visit during Maple Sugar Season for an extra sweet treat!

9. Outdoor picnic with blankets, hot chocolate, and hot soup! Have students spread out their blankets and enjoy warm beverages from a thermos.

10. Have a mini-Olympics! Set up various activities (tug of war, relay races, bean bag toss, snow ball throwing) and divide your class into teams or compete against other classes!

11. Take out different sports equipment for a fun and frosty outdoor phys ed class! Take out hula hoops, pool noodles, golf clubs, dodge balls, and hockey sticks to have a fun time!

12. Just get out and have fun! Build a snowman, construct a fort, make snow angels, and just have a good time!

Don’t forget to check back next week for another edition of The Tuesday 12!

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