The Tuesday 12: 12 Great Teacher Resources all about CELLS! Worksheets, animations, labs, and so much more!

For this week’s Tuesday 12, I will be providing teachers with a list of some great resources to help them teach their students all about cells.  The resources range from animations, labs, worksheets, movies, games, and even a cell rap!

1. Yummy Gummy Bears!

A fun science lab to help students understand diffusion by placing gummy bears into three different containers (plain water, salt water, and no water).  Includes student worksheets!

2. Parts of the Cell Rap

A student created rap to learn about the different parts of the cell! Warning: it’s really catchy and you’ll probably be humming this tune for hours!

3. Amazing Cells

This site has tons of resources about cells from interactive videos, a tour of the inside of a cell, animations, and worksheets.  I especially like the interactive animation that compares the cell and its parts to various other objects (e.g. a coffee bean, a grain of rice, yeast). Don’t forget to click on the Teacher Resource button on the top right of the page for more resources!

4. Cell Model Project

Here’s an activity where students build a model cell using a variety of materials.

5. Cell Analogies

Cell analogies are a great way for students to gain a better understanding of the structure and function of the various parts of the cell. By comparing a cell to either a city, school, or factory, students can make connections between the cell organelles and other systems that they are more familiar with.

6. Links to Ontario Curriculum

This website has tons of links that apply to the grade 8 Ontario science curriculum strand for Cells.

7. Lesson Plan and Worksheets

Here’s a great lesson plan to go along with the typical animal cell animation.  The student sheets include both teacher led pre-lesson activities and the handouts to go along with the animation.

8. Cells Alive

This site has lots of fun and interactive activities for students to try out, like puzzles, movies, animation, crosswords, cell cams, and quizzes.  I would definitely use this site to help my students review key concepts!

9. Edible Cell Model

Students use jello and a variety of cereals and candy to create a edible cell model! Students choose different materials to represent the cell organelles and then record their selections on the student handout.  The best part? Eating the cell at the end!

10. Cell WebQuest

This WebQuest takes students through a variety of informative websites where they learn about cell structure and function.  Students will then work on two projects:  creating organelle trading cards and a Power Point demonstrating how a cell is similar to a school.  Lots of fun and worksheets are included!

11. Comparing Plant and Animal Cells Lab (Looking at Onion and Cheek Cells)

Here’s a great worksheet to take students through the onion and cheek cell lab, so that they can understand the differences between plant and animal cells.

12. Cells for Kids

An awesome site that has tons of teacher resources all about cells!


Don’t forget to check back next week for another addition of the Tuesday 12!


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