Teaching Students Healthy Living Skills: A Case Study Approach!

The following activity is a great culminating task once you have taught your students about healthy meal options, physical activity components, and why it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Instead of simply asking students to explain the previous concepts, students take on the role of a nutritionist and personal trainer who has to provide recommendations to one of two fictional teenagers.  Students are to analyze their subject’s lifestyle choices and provide the following;

  • an analysis of his/her lifestyle choices and the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • a sample three day meal plan (3 meals plus 2 snacks per day)
  • a sample three day exercise plan (cardio, strength training, and stretching)
  • some tips and strategies to help their subject incorporate these healthy choices on a regular basis

Students are to create a pamphlet/brochure to provide the information in a creative manner.  I have used this with my grade 8 students in the past and the results are amazing! They do an excellent job providing healthy living advice and produce some very professional looking pamphlets!

I’ve included the student handouts and rubric!  Click the image above!


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