Subway Art!

Have you ever really stopped to think about what catches you eye? What you find interesting? What you stop to look at? or Take a double look at? Even more so, have you stopped to think about what may further engage your students and keep them interested? Well, if you haven’t heard about it or ever seen it, you must check out Subway Art. Just like our previous post about Wordle, Subway Art is quite similar in that it’s a bunch of cool, interesting words about any topic – be it an occasion, holiday, event, etc. You write the words horizontally, vertically, diagonally….you can even add pictures, borders, etc. You can choose any font, any size, any color! It’s all about what catches your eye! It is definitely one of the coolest things that I have ever seen! You and your students will love it! Check it out below! There is SO much more where that came from – you will be surprised! Check back here often…tons more to see!

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