Start teaching through comics!

Ever heard of ‘Bitstrips’? What a fantastic ‘educational tool’ to further engage our students! Bitstrips is basically a program that allows you to create comic characters. Once your done creating your character, you can add “words, actions, emotions, add scenes and props or import pictures”  further creating an interesting and unique story line. You can also engage in hundreds of activities with your character. How does this program help your students?

  • Get students hooked on reading and writing
  • Motivate them by making homework fun
  • Spark their creativity – the possibilities for self expression are endless

Bitstrips also helps with:

-critical thinking

-visual literacy

-media literacy

– digital storytelling

-social skills

– emotion recognition


-collaboration and

-internet safety


Check it out!!! It’s such a great site that I know your students will love. I did this with both the grade 7 and 8’s last year for media literacy as an ‘end of the year’ fun activity. The students loved creating their own individual characters – adding funky hair, accessories….making it ‘unique’! From there, they chose activities and played either on their own, with a partner or as a group! Lot’s of fun!

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