Science Labs: An Intro to Safety

science wordle

Don’t you just love Wordle?  In case you haven’t used Wordle before it’s an applet that creates cool word clouds like the one above.  You type in a bunch of words (the more times a word appears, the larger the font size) and a word cloud is formed.  You can customize word directions, colour, font, and a few other things.  Don’t know how you’d like your cloud to look?  Just press “randomize” and it gives you a different cloud each time!

My first science class each year is just about getting the kids to talk about science…what does science mean to them?  It’s important to help students understand the science is dynamic.  It is ever-changing.  And we definitely do not have all the answers to our questions.

I’ve created a set of lab safety rules in student-friendly language.  Before actually getting into scientific inquiry (which I will post about soon) and designing experiments, students need to understand the importance of lab safety.

Click on the Science Wordle above for the lab safety rules and student contract!

I’ll be making these rules into posters soon, so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below!

Here’s a link to an activity to help students identify unsafe lab practices:

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