School: An Essential Component of Society

School: An Essential Component of Society

Our previous posts have discussed Why School is important? and School as Total Institutions.  If you have not had time to read those, just click on the links and have  a read! Todays post is the final in this series.  Please comment and share your experiences.

Schooling offers students the opportunity to learn through reading, researching, and critically thinking about what the world around them presents.  Students interact with others and the result is that students are shaped and re-shaped, a process through which they gain a sense of identity.    For students to be successful in society, they must learn to interact with others in healthy, positive and productive manners.  Schools promote social interaction, and educators monitor social skills to ensure that students understand and accept differences and diversity.

Socialization in school impacts safety as well as interpersonal interactions because students with poor social skills are more likely to demonstrate aggressive or violent behavior without being able to successfully self regulate, and accept help or ask for help from others.

The benefits are endless, but it is an inclined path.  Students are immersed in the school system but their family values, thoughts, and traditions are consistently with them.   Schools need to incorporate as much of the student body traditions within their walls as possible.  Schools should demonstrate how to blend home values with society.  Collaboration and out reach are key.  If we make families involved, invested and open minded, then the results will be tremendous.

How can schools connect with families?  One way would be multicultural nights.  Presentations from students and parents (who wish and can be involved) about their culture and traditions is a fantastic way.

What other ideas do you have or you have used?

Share your experience with us!

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