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As I sit and watch my son go through his karate lesson for the day, I think about all the students who cannot participate in such activities.  I asked myself how I, as a mother, would feel if my child could not participate due to lack of access.  Or what about the parents lacking a support system within their family to enable their child to participate in such activities (such as transportation to and from, driving, financial, timing issues).  When I say activities, I don’t specifically mean karate, but any extra specialty program be it art, or dance etc.  I would feel helpless as a mother, knowing that developing my child into a well rounded individual is important, but I couldn’t due to constraints.  I firmly believe that the school should also be a place where this type of access can be provided.

Recently, my son, came home with a registration form for 10 dance classes (covering hip hop, tango, salsa and merengue) which would be offered once per week during school hours.  I was elated because this program (offered through a dance company) would not cut into our already hectic schedule.  I immediately signed him up.

So I started to ask around and found that some schools have started to realize that providing access to outside programs in a school setting are worthwhile and support the families in their communities.   Furthermore, these programs provide specialized instruction in programs that extend beyond our curricular expectations.

Some examples that I have heard are the following:

Karate classes, dance classes, yoga, pilates & fitness classes, art & crafts, cooking classes, babysitting certification and piano instruction.

Every parent I have spoken to are grateful for this opportunity as it supports their endeavours in developing their child(ren) but do not create more stress for the family to make the commitment.

I found that most of these programs are also offered at discounted rates and that schools also receive a percentage from registrations.  What a great fundraising idea!

Are you at a school that has an initiative as such?  Please leave a comment and help us learn more!


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