Playdough from scratch!


Ofcourse it’s simple to just buy playdough, but if your keeping your toddler in mind or your JK’s and SK’s (even the older kids), your thinking more along the lines of using something that is safe and edible! As we all know, kids are curious and most often they explore things with their mouths. So, here it is – yet another great pin from my all time favorite: PINTEREST! Have I mentioned just how much I love it?! I am constantly finding great, new ideas for home, school, my little one, and just life in general! Since our previous posts on chalkboard paint and homemade finger paint were such a success in the making, I just had to add this one as well. I made the playdough using this recipe. I did have to add more flour and I will suggest that you do the same, to create a thicker dough, otherwise your in for a sticky mess! You definitely have to try this! It is so easy to make, takes very little time and is inexpensive as well!!! Again, we had a blast playing with it, making tiny creations, rolling it, stamping it, squishing it – the works!!! Have fun!

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