Parent Communication: Sharing Good News!

Do you sometimes feel that you only communicate with parents when you need to inform them about a problem with their child?  Teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis regarding areas where students are struggling, incomplete homework, behaviour issues, or simply suggestions for students to improve their study skills. Speaking to students and informing parents about these issues is extremely important in order to ensure that students are successful both academically, behaviourally, and socially.

It’s so important, however, to communicate good news to both students and their parents.  Wouldn’t it be great for students to receive a letter home that lets their parents know that they did a great job working with their group that day, welcoming a new student to the class, or assisting a peer with their studies?  I know my students love to receive praise for actions that they did not think that I had noticed.  Although my sons are still young, I know that I would appreciate their teachers letting me know all the great things they are doing, instead of focusing only on areas for improvement.

Here’s a FREE printable to help you communicate good news home to parents! Just click on the image below:

Don’t forget to keep track of your parent communication by using our handy “Parent Communication Log”!


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