Novel Studies! Hints and Packages!

Planning or Organizing a Novel Study for your students in the new school year? We have designed and created a list of helpful hints for your students to keep in mind and follow when completing a novel study!


 1. Read the question carefully.  Look back at your novel to find the answer. 

 2. Re-read the question and your answer to make sure you answered the question correctly and completely.

 3. Write your answer in a complete sentence.  

 4. Use part of the question in your answer.

 5. For every question mark, you should have an answer.

 6. If your answer to the next question is similar, re-read both questions to make sure you understood and answered both correctly.
7. Look for key words in the questions:
–  copy , describe, details

  8. Never begin a sentence with “because”.

Click on the link for a printable version! Novel Study Hints

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