Money Unit: Final Lesson and Review!

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Finally, it is here. I got so caught up on all the great posts from Pinterest that I completely lost track of time! This is the final lesson and review to our Money Unit for your grade 3’s. For those of you who have already completed the unit, I hope that our previous lessons and worksheets were helpful. Those of you who are working on it, hope you have had a chance to take a look at them and were able to use some of the previously posted worksheets. If you have yet to begin the unit, perfect. You can now click under Grade 3 or Math and you will find all the lessons and corresponding worksheets, including today’s post – Final Review. I am working on combining all the lessons and worksheets into one document and will post that as a freebie via teachers pay teachers and teachers notebook! I will definitely post an updated message shortly. As for now, click on the following images and print away!

lesson 8

review 8


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