Mathematics Quick Question Pack

Here is another great product for your classroom!  This pack (one of many to come!) addresses transition times.  We all know that to settle students down after an interruption is a difficult task.  Start the year off, set up your expectations.  Have these prepared for your students. Each page contains quick questions (5) to allow students to quickly work and re-start their thinking after an interruption. Each page is designed to take from 2 to 5 minutes.


The mathematics pack contains the following topics:

* Multiples
* Factors
* Order of Operations
* Exponents

Oh, don’t worry an answer key is provided as well!  Hoping that this helps you too!

There are many ways that this package can be used. A few examples are:

*Review for core concepts
*Math Centre Activity
*Accessing Prior Knowledge
*Practice Sheets

Don’t forget to stay tuned as there will be more packages which will focus on other areas of mathematics.


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