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Although this school year is coming to an end, it won’t be long until the new school year begins. For this reason, it is always a great idea to start on some general ideas for the beginning of the school year so as to decrease the amount of things we need to do as the new school year begins. One of the things you can begin brainstorming about and jotting down ideas for, is possibly a few introductory activities or strategies for the first week of school.

We all know how it is beginning a new year with new students. Let’s consider how it is for our students beginning a new year in a new classroom with new friends. Here are a few things to think about and consider:

1. Classroom Arrangement – Arrange the class into small groups and rotate them over the course of the year so that each student has the opportunity to be with all the other students in the class.

2. Autograph worksheet – students sign their name and add one characteristic that describes them. You can alter this in so many different ways (helps students familiarize themselves with the names of their peers and something about them)

3. Name Game – Pass a ball from person to person, calling name before passing ball- Trick:  remembering who threw the ball to you. Extension: Play the game backwards-pass the ball to the person who passed it to you, calling out their name first

4. All About me – Fill out an ‘about me’ page, allowing students to answer questions about themselves in which they can then share with other students. Extension: complete a scrapbook and share!

5. Time Capsule – Have the students fill out a sheet, answering questions such as what they want to be when they grow up or what they want to study when they finish elementary, what they like/dislike, who their friends are, what their favorite subjects are, etc. Have them roll it up and place in a toilet paper roll, sealed at the ends and hang on the ceiling or keep in a safe place (after sharing and presenting). At the end of the year, open the rime capsule and have the students see how much they have changed. This is definitely a ‘discussion’ starter!

There are so many other activities and ideas and strategies! I am sure you all have a few of your own. Try some of these out and don’t forget to share with us! We, too, are looking for new things to do!

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