‘Let’s Talk Money!’ – Making Change : An additional lesson plan!

badge 6Last week we posted Lesson 5: Making change. As we all know, some areas require more attention. Having said that, we continue to plan and revisit, focusing on the same topic for longer, so to ensure all our students understand the content and material at hand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and completely expected more often then not! Remember, each of our students are different – they have different needs, learn at a different pace and are each at a different level. In my experience with teaching the Grade 3’s Money, I had to revisit ‘Making change’. I have included this lesson plan down below. You can also use the same worksheet as posted for the initial lesson, adding additional questions or you can use a completely different worksheet!

Be sure to check back with us as we still have a few more lessons and a review to post!

lesson 6

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