Let’s Talk Money : Making change

badge 5Yes, it has been a while since we last posted a math lesson in conjunction with our ‘Money’ Unit for Grade 3’s! Last we left off on Lesson 4 which leaves us to continue with lesson 5: Making change. If you are just checking in with us, be sure to check back to our previous posts for Lessons 1 through 4 on ‘Let’s Talk Money’. For today’s lesson, we have a included a complete lesson plan to engage in with your students, along with corresponding follow-up worksheets to do both independently, in pairs and then as a whole! Still to come are lessons 6-9 which include an additional lesson for making change, adding and subtracting money which is divided into two complete lessons, as well as a review to wrap it up! We hope you are finding these lesson plans and worksheets both useful and engaging!

Click on the images below and print!

worksheet 5

lesson 5

One thought on “Let’s Talk Money : Making change

  1. cjp November 11, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Hello, I know children can find the amount of change to give back by subtracting, but they cant use calculators at the register if they are working at a store, so therefore how to teach them to count back change, this is the way public schools teach it but there is also a large amount of adults who learned it that way and still cannot count back change without using subtraction or calculators. thanks

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