Leaving a note for the teacher

As a supply teacher for many months prior to obtaining my first LTO, I found that if you were liked by the teacher you were there for, you would be called again.  The problem was that once I was had left the school (even though I left a handwritten note), that teacher did not know who I was or never called me back.

I created this note/form to communicate with the classroom teacher I was there for, and it truly helped me generate call backs.

It’s all about promoting yourself in a professional manner.  The call backs came instantaneously.  Other teachers were also impressed.  I was well on my way!  In the 6 months of supply teaching, I missed only 12 days!

When filling in the form, ensure you date it, give concise information about the day, and don’t forget to fill in your name and number at the bottom.  Be sure that classroom teachers will keep it with their lesson plans and more importantly you in mind!  Just click on the image below!

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