Keeping your Classroom Clean

We are almost mid-way through November and our students are beginning to have their first round of colds, sniffles and flus.  They come in and they sneeze here and there, they touch their desks and the resources we have in our classrooms.  Unfortunately, due to the constraints that families have today, most of these students should be at home recuperating but have no where or no one to be with during the day so they are sent to school.  What can we do?  They are there with us, with everyone else in the classroom and they are spreading their germs.  It is vitally important that we protect ourselves and keep our classrooms as clean as possible.  Many of us take precautions and help students be more aware of their classroom environment.  From disinfecting students desk tops, and seat backs, to door knobs, our desks and classroom materials we attempt to keep the germs at bay.  I ask students to bring in their own hand sanitizer and ask them to use it constantly during class time.  Furthermore, I have each student donate one tissue box for classroom use.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring in store bought disinfectants into the schools.  These disinfectants have toxins that students should not be exposed to and can be harmful to them and us.  So the endeavour began, and through my friends on Pinterest, I have found DIY disinfectants and cleansers that can be used in my classroom. Just click on the picture below and you will find a detail of four wonderful and fantastically easy cleaners that are safe! I have found that I only need two of the four: the antibacterial spray and the all purpose cleaner for my classroom! But I’m sure you will be very impressed with the results! Happy Cleaning & Be Healthy!


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