It’s all in the number!

Projects, Paper, Letters, & Tests! Oh My!

As a teacher, you know full well that we are overwhelmed with all kinds of items we collect to grade, review, hold on to and file.  Over and over, you always have students who forget, who do not complete, who do not remember.  I have found that creating a numbering system within my classroom works well to keep track of these problems and help me follow up.  At the beginning of the year, I assign a number based on my classroom list.  I do this alphabetically, therefore student 1 is assigned number 1, student 2 is assigned number 2 and so forth.  All students get a number and stay with that number for the whole year.  It facilitates the process of scanning  a stack of papers to just checking the number.  If you organize your papers in  numerical order,  then you can quickly check if there is a number missing instead of a name.   I also find it easier if you let your students know that you require the numbers to be all written in the top right corner.

I keep a class list along with their number in my teacher binder where I can reference back just in case.  Also, for my students reference, I put a list on chart paper on the wall.

With this number management system in place, I can instantaneously follow up with students and discuss where their item is or what I can do to help.

Where do I utilize this system? Here is a brief list:

1) Tests

2) Assignments

3) Notebooks

4) Permission Forms

5) Letters/Notes

6) Student Portfolios

7) Fire Drill Line Up – I call numbers out instead of names to check if all are present

8) Duo tangs

9) Textbooks

10) Workbooks

11) Classroom Library sign out sheet

Working smarter not harder is what it is all about!

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