It’s all in the Flip!


Have you thought about it?  How am I going to reach more of my students?  What can be done so we interact with them more while they strategize?  Why is it so difficult to do?  I know I struggle with these questions all of the time.  As we all know, students come to school with their homework incomplete, unable to recall anything you taught the day prior.  You then need to go through that whole scaffolding process and sometimes re-teach that whole lesson over.  So then you send them on their way and hope that they will work through the problems on their own.  Or maybe you have made some time to hold an extra help session (during another subjects time if you are able to) or during your lunch or afterschool.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with extra help but would it not be better to be with your students when they are actually attempting the work?  Would it not be better to have them discuss, share, strategize in front of you all the while you working with them, in class, instead of teaching them the concept?  Would this not be a better plan, in order to deepen their understanding?  In order to reach all your students and the diverse ways they learn? You are probably wondering how in the world this can be done, with what time? This new strategy is called the Flipped Classroom!

We always look for innovative ways to teach our students, we re-invent, re-work, and re-shuffle.  Well here is one more way that could possibly change your whole practice.  How about converting the way you do things?  How about if your students do the work in the classroom and attend your lessons at home?  Yes, let me say that again, your lesson at home and the work at school.  Flipped!

With today’s technological advances, this is not a thought of the future but a thought for now!  Many teachers in the past five years have been taking aim at this process of flipping their classroom.  They record their interactive lessons (known as Educational Vodcasting) and students access them from home to watch and then come to school to work through the problems.   As summer is upon us, we have more time and researching this new practice would be worthwhile.  I hope you let us know what you think about this practice, let us know your plans and experiences.

This concept was started by two teachers John Bergmann & Aaron Sams who found great success with their students.  You can find their book through Amazon.

Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day (2012). By Bergmann & Sams.

Also, a support network, with many examples of flipped classrooms can be found at  the Flipped Learning Network.  The website has a network of over 6000 educators in different phases of flipping their classrooms.

Good Luck to you all!

Disclosure:  This post contains an affiliate link; however, all opinions expressed are the author’s own.

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