Integrating Science Across the Curriculum: A Great Science and Phys Ed Activity!

One of the best strategies a teacher can learn is how to create cross-curricular units, lessons, and activities.  There are so many curriculum expectations to cover and you may begin to feel overwhelmed; however, cross-curricular integration will allow you to cover all your expectations in a timely manner.

Science tends to be an area that teachers may have a difficult time integrating into other subject areas.  Have no fear! There are so many ways to integrate science into Language Arts, Visual Arts, Drama, Math, Social Studies, and Health/Physical Education.  We recently submitted an article to on this very topic! Be sure to check it out for tons of great ways to integrate science across the curriculum!

The following activity can be used to integrate Science with Physical Education; specifically, this activity will allow students to learn about human physiology while taking part in a physical fitness circuit! It’s a fun, active, and engaging lesson that will get students up and moving!

So, how would you use these task cards?

  • Cut out the task cards and set them up around the gym or an outside space
  • Divide students into small groups, so that groups rotate between stations
  • Each student will need their own worksheet and a pencil
  • Each group will need a stopwatch or timer
  • Each station requires about 5 minutes of time, making this activity about 45 minutes long
  • Depending on the age and skill set of your class, provide them with the number of  sets and reps for the various activities.  There is a spot on the student worksheet to record this information.

The task cards take students through cardiovascular, strength training, and stretching exercises, while making connections to related human physiology at each station.

Just click on the image!

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