Homework Paper, Reflection Paper and Behavior Paper!

Looking for new classroom management ideas? suggestions? tips? techniques? We just posted a few ideas to our store including a Homework Paper, Reflection Paper and Behavior Paper.

Here is a brief description of each:

‘Behavior Paper’ (2 pages) – This is a paper that is to be filled out by your students based on their behavior/attitude. There is a set of questions to be answered such as ‘what happened and where it happened, who was involved, what they will do in the future, etc.’ This is to be completed, sent home, discussed with parent(s)/guardian(s), signed and returned. It is a good idea to file this paper in each student’s personal portfolio, for reference, easy access, etc.
‘Homework Paper’(2 pages) – This is a paper to help your students keep track of homework that needs to be completed. When an assignment is due but not handed in nor completed by students, a homework paper is given with clear outlines as to what work needs to be completed under each specific subject. Letters are sent home and to be discussed and viewed by parent(s)/guardian(s, signed and returned with completed work.

‘Reflection Paper’ (1 page)– This paper is simply an overview of all the classroom rules as outlined, discussed and understood from day one. Each time it is necessary for your students to reflect because of their behavior or attitude or simply something they did or said that is against what was agreed at the beginning of the year, a reflection paper is given. They are to read the paper thoroughly each time, then copy it out word for word on a separate piece of paper and answer questions such as ‘why did you receive this paper? What will you do now? etc.’

For a more detailed description of each, please visit our store and click on each individual file.

Also, please note: each paper is sold separately.  If you only want one of the papers listed, please view each individual file posted on our store. If you like all three, purchase the bundle and SAVE.



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