Grade 5 Science Human Organ Systems Cross Curricular Unit

We have been hard at work and have prepared a new and exciting Science Unit!

This grade 5 unit meets the Ontario Science Curriculum Expectations for Understanding Life Systems Strand (Human Organ Systems). We strive to create units that are cross curricular and engaging for all students.  Furthermore, technology integration is key in meeting our 21st Century Learning Goals!

Here’s an overview of the unit:

Learning centres: students work in small groups or individually to rotate between three centres over the course of the activity (five types of centre activities: iPad integration, technology, reading/writing activity, creative response, and a fun or hands-on activity);

Whole class lesson/discussions followed by either small group activities or whole class activity

Cross-curricular integration with other subject areas, including Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Media Literacy), Drama, Physical Education, Art, and Health

A focus on Assessment For and As Learning through student self-assessments and group assessments, KWL charts, exit slips, anticipation guides, and project planning sheets

Reading strategies addressed include making connections, inferring, determining important ideas, drawing conclusions, and cause-and-effect

Differentiated Instruction is achieved through Learning Centres, choice board for the end of unit project, RAFTS assignment, and a variety of hands-on activities and labs.

The entire unit, including lessons, assignments, assessments, printables, and centre activities comes to over 140 pages!

Want to see a preview? Click on this link!

We hope you and your students will enjoy learning about the Human Organ Systems! Just click on the image and you will be brought to the unit!





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