‘Drugs are NOT for me’: A Research Assignment


You and your partner(s) are going to complete research on a specific type of drug (choose from a list). Most of the research can be found on drugsnot4me.ca; however, you can also include additional information from other websites, as well as, information or pictures found in books, advertisements, magazines, etc.

Getting started…

1. Begin the research process. Follow the link drugsnot4me.ca Information you must research and include are:

a. Drug Facts– Include any important facts related to the drug. Be sure to be able to explain each fact.

b. Risks – There are 10 different risks provided to you on this link. Choose between 3-5 different risks. Explain each and give an example of each.

c. Get Help – Look up different help resources and provide a list of at least 3 different phone numbers and locations.

d. ‘Use your voice’ – Read this section with your partner(s). For each of the following categories, include some information from the site along with your own opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc.: Tips, how to help a friend and talk to an adult.


1. As you research, write it down! Be sure to put all information in your own words!

2. Use your time wisely. We will only have two 45 minute work periods in the library. All incomplete work research must then be completed on your own time.

3. Divide the work between you and your partner(s) so to ensure all work is complete during the time given.

Please follow the link for a handy rubric for both the enrichment activity and the research assignment:

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