‘Drugs are NOT for me’: Enrichment Activity

Let's further engage our students

After discussing the different types of drugs, their uses, effects, etc. with your students, this is a great activity for them to engage in to further their knowledge and understanding.


You have been learning about specific substances – the important facts, the risks involved, where to seek for help, as well as, other ways to cope with substance abuse or addiction. Next, we are going to combine all the information that we learned and present it in an original and creative way such as:

· A pamphlet that you would see at the health centre, hospital or resource center

· A poster that educates a specific audience on this particular substance

· An article for a newspaper or magazine

· Any other interesting way you can think of – let me know first!

You must include all the components as highlighted on the research assignment handout which are:

1. Important facts

2. Risks

3. Get help

4. Use your voice

As well as…and don’t forget about:

· Pictures

Be creative– add color, big fonts, titles….be neat, clear and organized!


You will be presenting your research to the class. You will be educating us on the substance in which you chose. Remember, some of us, if not most of us, have never heard of some of these substances so we do not know anything about them so by the end of your presentation, we should know all about the substance and of course, why we should not take it.

Work together….Get it done!

Please read through research assignment. At the end of the assignment, there is a link that you can follow which includes a rubric for both the enrichment activity and research assignment.

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