Day one: Back to school from the march break!

We meet again! I’m sure you can say the same when we say the march break was a busy one! Whether you spent time catching up on things, spending time with friends and family, doing things you rarely get the chance to do and so on, the march break definitely kept you and us busy! And now after a week, we are back to school! Back to the stories from the students about how their marck break went, to reminding the students of the classroom rules (even though it is arch, after a week break, we all need reminders), to picking up where we left off, realizing there isn’t much time left in the year! All of a sudden your feeling the pressure…the sudden ‘I have to do so much’ feeling! Well, here we are to spread a few words across all our fellow teachers to help motivate you. As much as our students need to be motivated and encouraged on a daily basis, we too, need the same. Especially after a week away, we need a few words of encouragement to get us back on our feet. Just a few simple words to remind you about what you do, who you are, and why continuing is so important! Yes, your probably wondering: what day is it today? It’s definitely Monday, not words to live by Wednesday! However, it’s a great day to start the week off right!



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