B.E.A.T.I.T.U.D.E.S – A Complete Poster Set

As teachers, it is essential that we try to be the best models for our students. In following each of the Beatitudes, we can further ensure that we are doing just that on a daily basis. We have put together a complete set of posters (set of 8), each poster outlining one of the Beatitudes. It would be a great idea to set these up in your religion corner and to have them up throughout the year to help guide your students to follow these teachings.

There are also many fun and interesting activities that you can engage in with your students to help them fully understand each of the Beatitudes and how they can live by them on a daily basis.

Here are a few activities you may want to consider doing with your class:

First, create groups in a fun and different way before beginning the activity. This will also tell you whether your students are familiar with the Beatitudes.

1. Take each of the beatitudes and break it down into 2 or 3 different parts (Ex. (1) Blessed are the meek (2) for they shall (3) possess the earth).

2. Shuffle them to mix them up and give one part to each student (depending on how many students you have, you may have to break down each of the Beatitudes into less or more parts)

3. Explain to students that they will have a few minutes to find the missing parts to their part to complete one of the Beatitudes (of course, this requires a short mini-lesson beforehand on the Beatitudes so that students are familiar with them – this is an extension activity to build knowledge and understanding)

4. Once they have completed the sentence to create one of the Beatitudes, explain to them that this is now their group in which they will work together with to complete one of the following activities.


1. Each of the parts can be printed and then cut into puzzle pieces so that once they have found each part and pieced it together to complete one of the Beatitudes, they can then illustrate the meaning of it, decorate and color it and display it.

2. Explain the meaning of the given Beatitude, giving a detailed description. Include a day to day example to further explain.

3. Think of a modern day example and with your group, think of a fun and interesting way to act it out.

4. Create a poem outlining the main ideas of the Beatitude.

5. Design a poster, including pictures and words.

6. Create a newspaper advertisement.

7. Create a job posting (Ex. Think of a position where someone would need to possess the skills or attitude or personality of your specific Beatitude)

8. Think of a song and come up with a set of lyrics illustrating the importance of the Beatitude.

9. Create a comic strip displaying an example of the Beatitude.

10. Think of a story or movie where someone displayed an example of this specific Beatitude. Share this part and explain.

…there is so much more you can do, but to begin, teach your students the importance of the Beatitudes and how they can live by each of them. Check out our complete poster set. Click on the picture and follow the link!


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