Words to Live by Wednesdays: By failing to prepare…

This weeks ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’ are words that we should definitely teach, instill and model from the very first day of school. Encouraging our students to understand that if they want to, intend to and plan to do well that they need to prepare is extremely essential to their overall performance and academic results throughout the year. Preparing in the sense that they need to study, listen, work hard, set goals, follow through with their goals, try, etc. In doing all of this and more will promise them success. By failing to do so, they are simply preparing to fail! Print, post, discuss and enjoy!

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Words to Live by Wednesdays: “If opportunity doesn’t knock…”

This weeks ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’: An inspirational quote that will surely get your students attention, create room for reflection and encourage, motivate, as well as, inpire their intellectual way of thinking! More great quotes coming your way – check back every Wednesday!

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Words to Live by Wednesdays: You miss 100% of the shots…


This weeks Words to Live by, are great words to teach students at any level, in any grade as it can be explained and exemplified in so many different ways and for various reasons. Understanding these words will have a strong impact on an individual’s level of confidence, sense of motivation, and degree of  encouragement. This simple and neat quote are definitely words to live by – teaches the young minds of the future that simply put, they basically miss out on any and every opportunity unless they try and take the chance! Click on the image below, print and enjoy!



Words to Live by Wednesdays : “Imagine all the people…”

This weeks ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’ come from one of John Lennon’s greatest songs titled, ‘Imagine’. It is truly amazing how many songs are out there with such beautiful, inspirational and motivational lyrics that if only we began to pay attention, we would begin to see it more, hear it more and value it more. When guiding our students in their journey of reflection, or to help inspire them and motivate them, we have to remember to not only look to books, poems and sayings but to also look to lyrics…songs…MUSIC! So many of our young students today turn to music to help them get through life, through obstacles, through the good and the bad, while completing homework, enjoying spare time, etc. We, too, have to turn to music, not only for us but more importantly, for the minds of the future! Click on the image to print! Enjoy!

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Words to Live by Wednesdays – “Imagination will take you everywhere”

It’s Wednesday! Today’s quote is definitely something to have our students think about and reflect upon.

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Words To Live by Wednesdays – “Dreams can come true…”

What a great quote for you to share with your students and in turn,

for your students to think about, reflect on and believe in!

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