Words to Live By Wednesdays : It’s Boxing day!

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Just a quick message as you get on your way to shopping, spending and enjoying your day!!!

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Words to Live by Wednesdays – ‘The Gifts of Time and Love…’

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It’s not about the gifts we give and get that have been bought in stores or purchased online or have a cash value. Christmas is more then this – it is more then all of this put together! Two of the greatest gifts of Christmas is Time and Love. The time we get to spend with family – sharing memories, having great conversations, playing traditional games, sharing traditional foods, enjoying each others company. The love we share and exchange with both family and friends through the time we spend with them is irreplaceable. It works beyond what we can buy, give or get. We are lucky to have people in our lives whom we love and care for and whom love and care for us. This is what we need to focus on, this is where we need to devote our time. Family is the greatest gift of all and all it needs is time and love.

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Words to Live by Wednesdays : Christmas is a time…

It always seems so easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas – the reason why we celebrate it. Between the big hype around Santa and presents and exchanging gifts and worrying about what to get this person and that, or writing a list of what we want, she wants, he wants…we simply forget. It is important that we continue to remind ourselves, as well as, our students that there is a reason why we celebrate Christmas, that it’s not about Santa and gifts and needs and wants and lists. Today, let’s begin with a quote that is short and simple….let’s begin with family….with friends…with being together and sharing traditions. Share this quote of the day with your students, and in turn, have them reflect and explain to you what this means to them and how important it is to them.

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Words to Live by Wednesdays: ‘Tis the Season!’

This week, we wanted to share a great poster with you – one that you can print and add to your classroom decorations as you begin or continue to put stuff up in your class to represent and reflect the season. It is definitely a busy time of year between getting a number of things done academically, to concerts and meetings and the list goes on. During this time, sit back and reflect – remember that it is a beautiful time of year. One that we share with our loved ones. Aside from presents and Santa and stockings and lights, continue to remind your students the meaning behind Christmas and it’s importance….the reason why we celebrate it! Start with our poster that highlights many important words to guide you!

Words to Live by Wednesdays: Laugh every day…

This weeks Words to Live by Wednesdays brings you a few words to inspire, motivate and encourage your students in more ways then one. It always seems as though as we approach the Christmas Holidays, attitudes begin to change and with that, so do work and study habits, as well as, in class concentration! As a result, students forget about homework, forget to try and forget to do what they have to do such as handing in those last minute assignments or studying for a test. Today, we begin to remind students to keep on going…to keep trying….to continue doing their work and keeping up their good grades that they have been working hard towards! More to come within the next few weeks!


Words to Live by Wednesdays: “Gratitude consists of being…”

It is Thanksgiving tomorrow for many, which gives us perfect reason to add a quote to our list about Gratitude. It is so important to be grateful for what we have, yet the majority of us find it difficult to do so. We spend more time thinking about what we don’t have, and thinking about what we want that we simply forget about all the great things we do have. Today’s quote is a simple one….one that helps us stop for a minute and reflect. Stop and think about all that you have and be grateful for it, for although it may be harder to do so, it is much more important as there are many who do not have anything.

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