Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do {FREE POSTER!}

Hello and welcome to another edition of Words to Live by Wednesdays!

This week’s {FREE} poster is a all about accountability. Often, students complain about the outcome of tests, feedback from projects, and marks received on report cards.  Sometimes, the complaints are substantiated, but more often than not, these students are upset they did not reach their goals when they really have invested minimal effort into their work. Some students are not willing to put in the time, effort, and determination to complete their work to the best of their abilities. It is important for students to understand that only through hard work and determination will they achieve their goals and reach success. If they decided to avoid studying for a test, produce a lackluster project, or submit incomplete assignments, then they are responsible for the poor marks they will receive.  By teaching students that they are responsible and accountable for their achievements, then they will begin to understand that they have the power to change their actions and reach their goals.

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Words to Live by Wednesday: Mother Teresa

Hello everyone! I hope that you’re enjoying your summer break! In preparation for all the classroom redecorating we will all soon be doing (I know I’m already drawing plans and making notes!), here’s a poster for your classroom that has a truly inspirational message.  A colleague of mine always has this quote displayed in her classroom and I wanted to share it here. Our students deal with so many issues both inside and out of the classroom.  It is very easy to react to these challenging situations in a negative or unproductive way; however, we can encourage our students to look within themselves to find the courage and motivation to respond in a positive manner.

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Words to Live by Wednesdays: What you do today…

We are always trying to further encourage our students –  More and more so now, as we are nearing the end of the school year. It always seems as though it gets harder and harder at this time of year, to keep our students engaged and motivated. It is at this particular point in time, that we need to find ways to keep them interested and on task. There are many ways to do this. Anywhere from creating different and new ways to deliver a lesson, organizing interesting ways to complete assignments or presentations and sometimes, even through our words. Words are powerful and can definitely make a difference. We need to choose them wisely, especially at this time! For our older students, what we say means something…. it helps them think, reflect and act upon.

Today, we have created a poster that will help you do just that. Put it up in your class…and keep it up! Find more to put up! One thing I found that really helped with the intermediates, is having quote of the day! At this time of year, it is more important then ever to find the right ones!


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Words to Live by Wednesdays – “Far from what I once was…”

words to live by

Wow! Yes…it has been a long time. If you have read our most current post, we have been busy at work! But, today I bring to you: Words to Live by Wednesdays! Let’s get back on a roll here!

Today’s quote fits this time of year as many students now feel that they have advanced in many ways, both academically, socially, mentally, emotionally, etc. However, although they feel different, further ahead, more mature….they are also feeling as though there is so much ahead. We are now at that time of year, the crunch time. Everything is due, there are tests, assignments, presenations and more. Some students still have the motivation and are still handing in their best; whereas, others are starting to feel the weight. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a time of mixed feelings…a time of reflection. Students are feeling further ahead then where they started back in September, yet there is so much more ahead. Between finishing the school year and planning for the new school year, students are feeling the whole ‘ happy where they are but not yet where they want to be’!  Actually, many of us teachers feel that way too!

Print our quote and post it in your classroom. It’s the perfect time it up, reflect on it, discuss it and more!

We will be back next week for ‘Words to Live by Wednesdays’!

far from what i once was


Words to Live by Wednesdays : Earth Day


With Earth day around the corner, there have been many ideas passing – from activities, to initiatives, to posters and more! While searching and making my through all of it, I came across a great pin on pinterest! A great Earth Day poster. This is just a simple idea to get you started on creating a poster of your own! Personalize it! Make it yours! Include some of the things you are doing with your own classroom…..with your students… your school….in your community! Work together with others to create a great, personal poster for your class or school! Another idea: Have the students each create one 🙂 Either or works!!! It’s yet another item to add to your Earth Day ‘Ideas’ List!’


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Words to Live by Wednesdays: First Day of Spring

spring badge

Yes…indeed, it is the FIRST day of Spring today. It definitely may not seem as so, nor does it look as though it is. It’s snowing out there, it’s freezing cold, and the winds just simply do not remind us of the spring. It’s somewhere out there…it IS coming! For all of you today, here is a subway art poster with great spring colors to remind you of the Spring and to let you know that although it’s cold, spring is near. Think happy colors, think warmer weather, think sunshine! As Easter is coming up, and spring that has now arrived, we are all thinking of some activities to do with our students. Whether it be Jk or gr.8 or somewhere in between, there are tons of ideas out there. You may have already tried a few that you will want to revisit this year with your class but how about trying something new? Since subway art is so popular, and is simply everywhere, I thought maybe creating it as an activity would be a good idea. I was looking through some sites and blogs, only to come across a variety that can be printed for FREE! Down below I have attached one for you that will bring you drectly to the site where you can click and print. I have printed a few to bring into my class to show them as an example. In turn, I think it would be fun to have the students create their own. You may want to start with brainstorming some great descriptive words for both Easter and Spring (especially for the younger students), show them some examples using different colors, fonts, styles and designs…then send them on their way to create their own interesting, unique and fun subway art posters! Have fun!