Choral Reading: A Lesson Plan to develop understanding of Mood through Diverse Expression

Students need to understand what they read.  They need to be able to utilize their schema to make connections, and critically think about concepts presented.  I have found that choral reading aids, students even the most reluctant ones, to help build students’ fluency, self-confidence, and motivation. Choral Reading is reading aloud together in groups. Students who may ordinarily feel self-conscious or nervous about reading aloud have built-in support through their peers.  This method also lends itself well to a cross curricular approach.  Drama, Music and Oral Communication can all be facilitated with this method.  By clicking on the link, you will be brought to a lesson plan for Junior to Middle grades where choral reading is incorporated to help students understand mood, theme, and expression through analyzing and listening to a song (“One” performed by U2 and by Johnny Cash).  These two performances are an excellent example how different performances of the same lyrics can impact mood.  Further, students will then create a Choral Reading Performance that can demonstrate their understanding of changing mood, theme, and perspectives by utilizing a new poem.

Lesson Plan for Choral Reading

Grade 4 – Habitat : Sharing the Planet

Looking for an interesting Cross-Curricular Unit Plan for Habitat for the Grade 4’s? Check this Unit Plan out. It consists of overall expectations, immersion lessons/tasks and brief lessons for Language (Writing and Oral), Visual Arts, Science and Drama. We have also included Process Skill and Culminating Task.

You will find great ideas that you can definitely work with, alter and extend whichever way you wish. We started you off! From here, let the creativity flow!

Medieval Activities

From my experience, teaching a unit on Medieval Times is one of the best parts of the curriculum.    There are so many ideas, activities that can be done.  I find that organizing my ideas for the upcoming unit helps me plan out my activities and see the cross curricular aspects of my lessons.  The concept map below lists some activities/learning opportunities I have done in the past.


The 3AM Teacher:


Keeping Parents in the Know!

Keeping Parents in the Know! Parent Communication Form! Freebie!


How many times have you sent a graded test or assignment home in order to communicate with parents regarding the achievement of their son or daughter?  More often than not, that vital piece of information was never shown, and more than likely lost forever!  I find this very frustrating.  I haven’t been able to communicate with parents and at the same time have lost essential documentation for my student files and portfolios.  Instead, I use my notification form (attached below) to communicate with parents/guardians  of their child’s achievement.  Should this form be lost or never returned, you need not worry as you have the evidence on hand.  Enjoy and use as you please!