‘While you were absent’– A note for your students

Be a Buddy, Keep a ‘While you were Absent’ Folder!

On days that our students are away, it’s a great idea to keep track of what they missed so they can catch up easily the next day or when they return. Part of ensuring this is a smooth process for all, is for one, organize a buddy list so that each time a student is absent, there is a student keeping track of their work for them. Two, have a ‘While you were absent’ list (make plenty of photocopies) within a folder (you may want to have a few of these on hand, should there be more than one student absent) in a bin.

When a student is absent, their ‘buddy’ can get a folder and begin keeping track of what they missed under each subject. Within this folder, they can also collect and insert any handouts, worksheets or any other important information. At the end of the day, this folder can be placed on the ‘absent’ students desk. Upon return, your student can now transition smoothly into their day, making sure they catch up on all work!

Check it out! I used this in my Gr.7/8 class last year – it worked great! Be consistent and help your students be consistent too! Just click the link above!

‘A New Beginning’ — A Letter to be sent to your students each year.

Just as we are starting a new school year, so are students. Having said that, it is essential that we build an immediate bond with them from day one. Among the many ideas of welcoming students into our classroom and setting the grounds for a great year, sending home an introduction letter with general information for both students and parents is a great start. Not only does it welcome all students into your classroom, letting them know what’s ahead, but it also allows parents to feel connected with both you and their child!

Attached is just an example in which I used with my grade 7/8 class last year. Feel free to take this idea, changing information in order to best suit your goals, intentions and ideas of what it will take to start the year off great! You can also play around with colors, format and pictures!  Just click on the image above!


Chocolate Lovers!

Choose a bar and Personalize!

In planning for our grade 8 graduation celebration, among the thousand of ideas we had to give our students a token to take along with them aside from the frames, we decided to wrap chocolate bars with a special note. Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate? There are many chocolate bars to choose from; however, this particular form works best with aero chocolate bars! You can take and use this idea with any chocolate bar or candy box, but of course, you will have to crop and edit to make it work for you! We were going with a theme, using specific colors. Feel free to use this idea and edit it to best suit your graduating class – changing colors, wording, and choice of chocolate bar or candy box….you can make it fit for every and any class each and every year! Have fun!

Quotes for your Graduating Class!

Having the opportunity to work within a grade 8 class, I also shared the opportunity and experience in organizing the graduation ceremony and celebration. Along with my fellow colleague, Loriana, we put together some great ideas. Some of these ideas included picture frames, each with its unique quote for each one of our graduating students. The students absolutely loved them! One of the students had a great idea and approached one of us to sign their frame and from there, one teacher and student after another were signing off frames. Below are some of the quotes we thought would work well in wishing our students the best of luck as they completed one chapter in life and moved forward on a new one!

The end of one journey is the beginning of another


You’re off to Great Places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting.

So…get on your way!

– Dr. Seuss


You have brains in your head.

You have feet in yourshoes.

You can steer yourself

Any direction youchoose.

You’re on yourown.

And you know what youknow.

And YOUare the one who’ll decide where to go.

-Dr. Seuss


There’s more about life

That you’ll learn as you go,

Because figuring things out on your own
Helps you grow.

Just trust in yourself, and you’ll climb every hill.

Say, “I think I can!” And you know what?

You will.

-Craig Dorfman


I knew you could! And you knew it, too –

That you’d come out on top

After all you’ve been through.

And from here, you’ll go farther

And see brand-new sights.

You’ll face brand-new hills that rise to new heights.

-Craig Dorfman


So much to see!

So much to try!

What should you do?

It’s up to you!

Just follow your dreams and you’ll soar.

You’ll see sights that take your breath away!

You’ll find the spot where you most want to land.

Oh, what a place it will be!

The thrill of discovery will be yours.

-Kathleen W. Zoehfeld