Remembrance Day ~ A way to remember

Our previous post this week was about Remarkable Remembrance Day Resources (Tuesday 12) and they truly are extensive!  In this post, you will find petitions that can be read over the PA system, or at your school activities to honour the lives lost by our brave soldiers, or simply use them for a time of reflection within your classroom or ways to reflect in personal journals.   We hope that by having this piece students and staff alike will reflect and come away with a further understanding of this exceptionally important day.  Lest we forget! Remembrance Day Link



Zipping Around the World: A Social Studies Project Where the Sky’s the Limit!

In this Geography/Social Studies activity, students “win” a free trip to any destination in the world! In order to claim their prize, they must provide a detailed geographical assessment of their dream vacation locale!

Each student chooses a different location around the world and provides a detailed analysis of the location’s climate, landforms, vegetation, and other features and compares them to their own home. When students return from their “trip”, they are to bring in their suitcase and provide the class with information about their vacations. Since no two students are allowed to visit the same destination, this ensures that projects and presentations are interesting and fresh. This activity is classroom tested! My students and I had a great time during this unit and they all said that it was lots of fun!

A great lesson to learn about different places in the world in a fun and unique way!

The following items are included in this package:
-Student winning ticket
-Student project information sheets
-Student organization worksheet
-Student sign-up sheet
-Teacher marking scheme (to be shared with students)
-Self– and peer–assessment sheets

Just click on the image below!


Our time is coming to an end!

What better way to end the year then with a timeline reflection – have your students reflect on the great school year! You can do this in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. Click on the attachment to read more about timelines!


Character Education & Religion

How is one able to incorporate Character Education & Religion?  How do we make our students more socially conscious?  At the bottom of this post, you will find a Language Arts lesson plan which incorporates the Catholic religion, Catholic Graduate expectations, and Character Education for Grade 7 students but can easily be adapted for younger and older grades.  Collaboration is the key! Hope you use it in your classroom.

Medieval Activities

From my experience, teaching a unit on Medieval Times is one of the best parts of the curriculum.    There are so many ideas, activities that can be done.  I find that organizing my ideas for the upcoming unit helps me plan out my activities and see the cross curricular aspects of my lessons.  The concept map below lists some activities/learning opportunities I have done in the past.


The 3AM Teacher:


Keeping Parents in the Know!

Keeping Parents in the Know! Parent Communication Form! Freebie!


How many times have you sent a graded test or assignment home in order to communicate with parents regarding the achievement of their son or daughter?  More often than not, that vital piece of information was never shown, and more than likely lost forever!  I find this very frustrating.  I haven’t been able to communicate with parents and at the same time have lost essential documentation for my student files and portfolios.  Instead, I use my notification form (attached below) to communicate with parents/guardians  of their child’s achievement.  Should this form be lost or never returned, you need not worry as you have the evidence on hand.  Enjoy and use as you please!