Virtue of the Month Subway Art: Grade 9- Grade 12

Earlier in the week, we posted our Virtue of the Month Subway Art package for the Elementary level (JK-8). We just added Virtue of the Month Subway Art for the Secondary level (9-12). We also recommend using this particular package for the Grade 7 and 8’s.

Our ideas are the same but the wording is different since after all, we must always keep in mind the level of our students, their learning potential, age, grade, among so many more!

Check it out now! Click the image above!

Helping Solve the Problem of Problem Solving

Students always have problems with communicating their thoughts, their steps in solving a mathematical problem and their findings.  I have found that using the G.R.A.S.S. method ensures students communicate all they are thinking.  This acronym helps them streamline their thoughts and organizes their plan of attack into smaller sub- sections.   When reading through their solution we, as educators, can quickly see their processes and their thoughts.

We have utilized this method in preparing students for EQAO (Ontario’s version of Standardized Testing). 


Here is a brief description of what the acronym G.R.A.S.S. stands for…

Given           Required            Analysis           Solution            Statement 

We have created a complete package for you!  Click on the picture and you will find a a complete description for the use of this method, a poster set for your classroom (anchor charts), a student response sheet (reproducible), and a sample problem with a response utilizing this method. 

We hope that this will be helpful for you and your students.

“Your Essential Teacher Binder” now on sale!

What is “Your Essential Teacher Binder”? We’ve all heard of the famous “teacher binder” that contains everything that you need to run your class and lessons successfully! It is essential to your teaching, but not everything fits into the three rings of a binder, so we added in a few resources for your classroom too! We like to think of “Your Essential Teacher Binder” as a collection of teacher resources to help you organize both your teaching and your classroom.

All teachers have various ways of organizing their lessons, plans, and classrooms; however, we have grouped together a great set of resources to assist you in this endeavor!

So what’s included in this classroom kit?  There are more than 70 pages featuring:
– Desk nameplates (2/sheet) for both upper and lower grades
– Student hook/cubby nameplates (6/sheet) that can also be used to label bins etc
– Hall pass, office pass, and washroom pass
– Bookmarks (4/sheet) with “During Reading” suggestions
– Monthly student behavior log (2/sheet)
– “While You Were Absent” sheet for students
– Classroom job labels (30 different jobs to choose from!)
– Student of the Month an d Week (upper and lower grades)
– Student Birthday Postcards (2/sheet)
– Lesson plan monthly cover pages
– Classroom calendar monthly labels for both upper and lower grades
– Subject area cover pages for lesson and unit plans
– Substitute teacher feedback form
– Professional development log and Staff meeting record sheet
– Parent contact log (individual student)
– Month at a glance, Monthly plan at a glance, Week at a glance
– Individual student and whole class information sheet (5 students/sheet)
– End of the year classroom inventory
– Lesson plan and mark book cover page

We have tried to include as many printables that we could think of, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know and we’ll add them in!

These kits come in a variety of themes, including outer space, aliens, polka dots, swirls, monsters, and apples!


Virtue of the Month: Subway Art (JK-Grade 8)

Check out our Virtue of the month Subway Art package now available on ‘’. Just click on the image above!


Subway Art!

Have you ever really stopped to think about what catches you eye? What you find interesting? What you stop to look at? or Take a double look at? Even more so, have you stopped to think about what may further engage your students and keep them interested? Well, if you haven’t heard about it or ever seen it, you must check out Subway Art. Just like our previous post about Wordle, Subway Art is quite similar in that it’s a bunch of cool, interesting words about any topic – be it an occasion, holiday, event, etc. You write the words horizontally, vertically, diagonally….you can even add pictures, borders, etc. You can choose any font, any size, any color! It’s all about what catches your eye! It is definitely one of the coolest things that I have ever seen! You and your students will love it! Check it out below! There is SO much more where that came from – you will be surprised! Check back here often…tons more to see!

Character Education & Religion

How is one able to incorporate Character Education & Religion?  How do we make our students more socially conscious?  At the bottom of this post, you will find a Language Arts lesson plan which incorporates the Catholic religion, Catholic Graduate expectations, and Character Education for Grade 7 students but can easily be adapted for younger and older grades.  Collaboration is the key! Hope you use it in your classroom.