Parent Communication Log

Here’s another resource for your teacher binder!  Before September, print out a copy of this parent communication log and use one for each student in your class.  When an issue arises, keep track of when you have communicated with parents/guardians and note the resolution and next steps.  These communication logs are great to use as reference when writing report cards and to be discussed during parent-teacher interviews.

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Leaving a note for the teacher

As a supply teacher for many months prior to obtaining my first LTO, I found that if you were liked by the teacher you were there for, you would be called again.  The problem was that once I was had left the school (even though I left a handwritten note), that teacher did not know who I was or never called me back.

I created this note/form to communicate with the classroom teacher I was there for, and it truly helped me generate call backs.

It’s all about promoting yourself in a professional manner.  The call backs came instantaneously.  Other teachers were also impressed.  I was well on my way!  In the 6 months of supply teaching, I missed only 12 days!

When filling in the form, ensure you date it, give concise information about the day, and don’t forget to fill in your name and number at the bottom.  Be sure that classroom teachers will keep it with their lesson plans and more importantly you in mind!  Just click on the image below!

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End of the Year Classroom Inventory!

Before you walk out of your classrooms for summer vacation, think about what you’d like to walk into in September!  When I walk back into my classroom at the end of the summer, I tend to feel a bit overwhelmed about where to begin, so I always make a plan and try to think about furniture layout, bulletin board ideas, décor, and how to better organize all of our supplies.

Why is this so important?  The classroom environment is an essential component to student learning and how I teach.  The resource that I absolutely love when dealing with classroom organization and setup is Spaces & Places by Debbie Diller!

I’ve broken this down into five areas:

Themes and Colour Schemes:

I love walking into classrooms that have been decorated with a colour scheme in mind, as everything flows and works well together.  Will you decorate with shades of blue and green?  How about blue and yellow with star décor?  There are so many great ideas!  Check out Pinterest for some beautiful classrooms!

Bulletin Boards:

I like seeing engaging and meaningful content on my bulletin boards, so I’m sure my students feel the same way.  I use my bulletin boards in the following way: some are just for student work to be displayed, others are constant (e.g. math) but change depending on what we are currently learning, and others change regularly to match the theme of our unit.  Play around with bulletin board ideas, but remember to keep them bright and engaging!

Classroom Layout:

Will your student desks be arranged in rows? A U-shape? Groups?  There are many options and you don’t really know what will work best until you try it out!

Classroom Organization:

There are so many different ways to organize classroom materials and supplies! Some teachers out there have come up with some excellent ideas to help make your classroom super-organized!  A blog I really like is Clutter-Free Classroom…so many great ideas!


It’s so disappointing to be ready to prep your classroom for the new school year only to realize that you’ve run out of borders, or staples, or duotang folders!  Do a quick inventory of your supplies to make sure you don’t forget anything when you hit those end-of-summer teacher sales!

Here’s a printable to help you organize your classroom ideas for September!   Just click the image below!