Factor Sticks: A Math Center to Review Factors

Today’s post is about practice and review.   We have prepared a product for your classroom where students can independently review their factor identification and recognition.  Our Factor Sticks are simple to assemble, just print, paste and laminate.  Students will immediately have a quick review of the factors for numbers 1-50, definitions for factor, composite numbers, prime numbers and a list of perfect squares. Also, a student recording sheet is included.  Remember reviewing concepts will allow students to deepen their understanding.  Just click on the image and you will be brought to our product page!

Literacy Planning Sheet: An Organizational Tool

How many times do you read a piece of text, be it a poem, book, article, song lyrics, and think about how it can be utilized to teach concepts in literacy to your students?  I have found that I do this constantly, but sometimes have great ideas at that moment but then forget about all those thoughts.  I say to myself, I should have written it down, organized my thoughts.  With this planning sheet, you can organize your thoughts about that piece of text and keep a record of it for future use!  This way, you do not need to re-read it in its entirety, and can always build from your initial thoughts.  The planning sheet is a 2 page organizer where you can record the name, author and type of text you will use.  I have added some literacy concepts for headings and have left some blank for your discretion.  It’s a simple document that can easily be used as a point of reference for you or your team! Click on the image to get this effective tool.


Word Wall Fun Pack – Math

In previous posts, we mentioned our ‘Word Wall Fun Packs’ for verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, grammar terms and the complete bundle, as well as, science terms which all can be found at our stores on both teacherspayteachers.com and teachersnotebook.com. Today we are here to tell you about our newest addition to the word wall family – MATH terms! Like our other word wall fun packs, you can use these words anywhere in your room. You can introduce them as you are teaching each individual unit, and even keep them up all year round! In doing so, you will help expand your students vocabulary, as well as, their understanding. Want to see a preview? Just click on the image and it will direct you to our store where you can view a preview of this fun pack and while you are visiting our store(s), don’t forget to check out our other fun packs and great resources!

Check back for additonal ‘Word Wall Fun Packs’ – we have more to come!


Word Wall Fun Pack ~ Science

We know to create word walls for our language program.  It really doesn’t matter if you are teaching primary, junior or intermediate students.  There is always a need to develop their vocabulary.  But word walls don’t just aid in the development of vocabulary.  They help students focus on specific terms that correlate to what they are learning.  Therefore, making deeper connections and developing that bridge to learning.  Utilizing word walls, allows us to engage our students and guides them when they are working independently.  So then why not do this for all subjects?  If it works in our language programs, then why should it not work in our other subjects we teach?

We have created this pack to focus in on Science terminology that students develop over the years.  This pack includes 22 pages of science related words ready for you to use.

What can you do with these?  The answer is simple!  Just as you would in a language class, create a year round word wall, engage in interactive activities, write descriptive sentences, incorporate them in their scientific justifications and journals.  Essentially, use them for all instances in your classroom!


We All Fit Together: A Fun Community Building Activity for Your Students!

Whether you are already back with your students or still preparing your classroom for the new school year, we have the perfect activity to help connect your students!

In this activity, each student receives a puzzle piece that they are to decorate with their names, personality traits, hobbies, favorite items, and any other symbols they’d like to add. All the student puzzle pieces then come together to form one, interconnected class puzzle that fits together beautifully! Teachers can have discussions with students regarding similarities, differences, uniqueness, community, respect, and diversity. Students can present their puzzle piece and look for commonalities among their classmates. Also included is a puzzle piece with community building words, such as “diversity,” “respect,” etc to help remind students that they are part of one classroom community. The completed puzzle is then displayed on the wall or bulletin board for all to admire.

A great first day of school activity or an awesome community building activity that’s perfect for any time of the year! An effective team-building activity for any age and any grade level!

Just click on the image below to be brought to our TPT store!