Bullying and its Many Forms

Understanding what Bullying Looks and Sounds like is essential to helping students help themselves and others.  Dr. Michele Borba (www.micheleborba.com) writes that “Bullying is a cruel and/or aggressive act that is done on purpose.  The bully has more power (strength, status, or size) than the target, who cannot hold his own. The hurtful bullying behavior is not an accident, but done on purpose. The bully usually seems to enjoy seeing the victim in distress and rarely accepts responsibility and often says the target “deserved” the hurtful treatment.”

In a previous post (Reporting vs. Tattling), we stated that others are present when this bullying happens.  What is coming to light, according to Dr. Borba, is that these students suffer emotional distress when seeing these acts against their schoolmates occur.

As educators we need to proceed to make it safe for all in the school environment.  We need to teach them the tools to want to make a change.  But, before we teach them those tools they need to understand what to act on and how to act on the particular situation.    Dr. Borba breaks bullying down to particular situations and students should understand when it is bullying and when it is not.

We have created a poster based on Dr. Borbas information of what bullying could be.  Use it as a printable or a discussion point with your students and other colleagues.  By addressing these, students will come to truly understand the real definition of bullying.

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