Abstract Art



Tomorrow, I will be working on Abstract Art with the Grade 5 students – something I know they will definitely have fun with! A great, easy technique enjoyed by most, as you can do just about anything with it! It’s all about the lines – drawing them straight, across, intertwining them, adding in circular lines, etc. The best part for most students, in which I think explains the reason as to why they enjoy it so much, is that it doesn’t HAVE to look like something. In other words, their finishing picture does not need to represent a house, or an animal, or a thing per se. Rather, it’s simply about creating something original, different and interesting! As an idea from a fellow colleague, we decided to pull an activity from a great link called ‘Teach Kids Art’ .  This site has great resources for teaching kids art, along with various activities in which you can easily engage in with your students! If you click on the picture above, it will direct you to the activity in which I will be working on tomorrow! I will be sure to post pictures once we are done! Enjoy!



Words to Live by Wednesdays: Whatever you think you can do…

begin it begin it

Continue to remind your students or let them know, if you haven’t already, that they not only have to think about what they can do, or simply know about what they can do, they have to actually do it. Same thing with our hopes and dreams. We have so many dreams about what we want to do, or what we wish we could do, yet we never really do stop to think that if only we actually started, we could do it! Tell you students this, each and every day. If they want to do something, they have to do it. If they have dreams, they have to begin acting on them! In doing so, you will begin to hear more ‘I CAN’ as oppose to ‘I wish, I dream, I can’t’ !

Click, print and post! Most importantly, reflect !



Words to Live by Wednesdays : Easter Subway Art

easter badge






Today with the grade 5’s, I decided to let them explore with different fonts, styles, colors, etc. They keep asking about our monthly subway art posters (virtue of the month) and how it is done and if they can try. We have tried wordle and even tagxedo (both great sites to check out!!!) but we haven’t tried subway art. We mostly see subway art on the computer and yes, it would be fun just the same to have students create them using some of the many programs out there such as picmonkey (the one I use), but I decided for today to have them do it hands on! I showed them various examples which demonstrated a number of different fonts they could choose from or colors and sizes etc. We brainstormed a bunch of great words in connection to the season and occasion – they came up with fantastic words, and this truly helped them get started! I will definitely take pictures of the finishing product and will post some in the next few days. Down below, I have included one of the examples shown to the grade 5’s in which they really liked and used many of the styles from! There’s still time left to squeeze in that fun and easy art activitity!

String Art Extension : A Great Easter Activity!

string egg artLoriana posted a bunch of great activities in last weeks Tuesday 12, one of which I found really neat and decided to do with my class for Easter. I refer to it as string art! This activity is great for students of all ages. Simple, fun and a great finishing product. Although you can google images and find plenty of examples on the one and only ‘Pinterest’, you can definitely go anywhere with this activity, not only for Easter but other occasions and holidays as well. For Easter, the simple string art activity can be turned into a really interesting and creative activity. From wrapping string around a balloon and popping the balloon, leaving you with a string egg, a great extension would be to create something out of this egg. For example, add some ears, nose, mouth, feet and other details to create a chick or bunny. Possibly cut out an opening to create a small basket for chocolates or candies (such as shown in the picture). Another great idea is putting wrapped chocolates in the balloon so that once you wrap the string around the balloon and pop it once dry, you are left with a string egg with chocolates inside. I’m telling you, the possibilities of this simple activity are endless. There are so many ideas out there! As for tomorrow, I will be starting this activity and will begin with the simple egg design (wrapping string around it, waiting for it to dry, then popping the balloon); But I am almost certain there will be plenty of students who are finished and want to move on to something else. This is where the extension comes in! Add details and create a fun, cute looking animal, basket or treat shaker! It really all depends on the students, grade and ofcourse, their interest! Try it out!

Words to Live by Wednesdays: First Day of Spring

spring badge

Yes…indeed, it is the FIRST day of Spring today. It definitely may not seem as so, nor does it look as though it is. It’s snowing out there, it’s freezing cold, and the winds just simply do not remind us of the spring. It’s somewhere out there…it IS coming! For all of you today, here is a subway art poster with great spring colors to remind you of the Spring and to let you know that although it’s cold, spring is near. Think happy colors, think warmer weather, think sunshine! As Easter is coming up, and spring that has now arrived, we are all thinking of some activities to do with our students. Whether it be Jk or gr.8 or somewhere in between, there are tons of ideas out there. You may have already tried a few that you will want to revisit this year with your class but how about trying something new? Since subway art is so popular, and is simply everywhere, I thought maybe creating it as an activity would be a good idea. I was looking through some sites and blogs, only to come across a variety that can be printed for FREE! Down below I have attached one for you that will bring you drectly to the site where you can click and print. I have printed a few to bring into my class to show them as an example. In turn, I think it would be fun to have the students create their own. You may want to start with brainstorming some great descriptive words for both Easter and Spring (especially for the younger students), show them some examples using different colors, fonts, styles and designs…then send them on their way to create their own interesting, unique and fun subway art posters! Have fun!


Day one: Back to school from the march break!

We meet again! I’m sure you can say the same when we say the march break was a busy one! Whether you spent time catching up on things, spending time with friends and family, doing things you rarely get the chance to do and so on, the march break definitely kept you and us busy! And now after a week, we are back to school! Back to the stories from the students about how their marck break went, to reminding the students of the classroom rules (even though it is arch, after a week break, we all need reminders), to picking up where we left off, realizing there isn’t much time left in the year! All of a sudden your feeling the pressure…the sudden ‘I have to do so much’ feeling! Well, here we are to spread a few words across all our fellow teachers to help motivate you. As much as our students need to be motivated and encouraged on a daily basis, we too, need the same. Especially after a week away, we need a few words of encouragement to get us back on our feet. Just a few simple words to remind you about what you do, who you are, and why continuing is so important! Yes, your probably wondering: what day is it today? It’s definitely Monday, not words to live by Wednesday! However, it’s a great day to start the week off right!